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Specializing in Extremely Cold-Hardy Grapevines

During the late 80s and early 90s people used to stop by and tour our vineyard.  We described our focus and what we believed we were doing and everyone seemed very interested.  We answered their questions about how to grow grapes as best we could.  Very often the last thing they would ask is "where can we buy these vines you are growing".  For the most part we could not tell them as the nursery trade did not carry obscure cold hardy vines suitable for grape growing in areas where almost no one was growing grapes.  We began to inquire with large wholesalers about buying dormant propagation wood and were generally rebuffed or occasionally these wholesalers would make small purchases that suggested they did not understand the potential there was in this new market.

Although it was the last thing we had intended to do when we got in the grape business we found we had to become licensed as a commercial Minnesota nursery to supply the needOur main focus was then and remains today, finding and marketing grapevines that will survive our fierce Minnesota winters without winter protection.  Finding grapevines that have commerical value is easy enough but to find and select those that also have extreme cold hardiness is the very crux of what we at GRV are doing.  Currently, our main varieties are: Frontenac, Frontenac Gris, Sabrevois, King of the North, Sipaska, Prairie Star, Louise (Swenson), Lacrescent, Bluebell, Valiant, Chontay, Somerset Seedless.  We believe that the development of a new northern grape and wine industry is hinged upon the availability of these new grapes.

We specialize in extremely cold hardy vines from the work of Elmer Swenson, and the ongoing work of the University of Minnesota.  We would like to pass along our thanks to Elmer and to the University for their critical contributions to this work.  In addition we continually work to identify traditional and historic varieties that may have sufficient cold hardiness and commercial quality to be of use to the northern grower.   The results of this search to the present time is reflected in the nursery catalog to be found under "nursery catalog" on the navigation bar on the homepage or on the link below.

Moreover, it is more than gratifying to be able to say that it appears we are going to be able offer some new early ripening and cold hardy vines in the years ahead.  We have not come to the end of our journey and we look forward to each new discovery with excitement as it will not only benefit us but will benefit people in cold climates all around the globe.

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