Red Grape Jelly 

Great River Vineyard produces about 60 cases of Minnesota Grape Jelly each year.  Jelly became a GRV product when a buyer backed out of buying 1000 lbs. of fruit some years ago, just days before harvest.  In desperation we had the crop made into grape jelly.  The product proved successful and has become a GRV mainstay.  It is normally blend of varieties and is very rich, grapey and delicious.  It is not a typical grape jelly purchased at any local gift shop and can make a special and inexpensive gift for people from out of town or as a party favor.

White Grape Jelly (new!!!)

In 2009, when we found we had a bunch of white grapes left over and felt it might give the red jelly too light a color, we decided to make a special batch of jelly of just white grapes.  It seemed like a good experiment and is not a product we had ever seen before.  The jelly came out a little darker than we had expected but had an interesting marmalade flavor with a delightful honey aftertaste.  Although it has not yet become as popular as the red jelly we are  most pleased with it and many of our customers are pleased as well.


   GRAPE SYRUP!!! (the one and the only?)

A lady called sometime back and wanted a whole case of grape syrup send to her in Austin, Texas.  When asked she said she had done a computer search and our name (GRV) was the only one to come up in North America.  We don't know if it is the only grape syrup in the region but we feel it is delicious and very unique.

It is made entirely from our own grapes but when the syrup is processed into jelly less pectin is added so that it thickens but does not jell.  When heated it produces a delightful grape aroma and can be put on pancakes, waffles, ice cream or as a flavor and color additive to many gourmet dishes.  It is great as a last glaze when barbecuing beef or pork.  Cook it only enough to melt and do not allow it to burn.     It is  a specialty product but we are very proud of this one.

Our Grape jellies & syrup are made from our own grapes for us by Minnestalgia of MacGregor, Minnesota.

Wholesale inquiries welcome.  Our jam and jelly has often done well at winery tasting rooms, gift shops, specialty food stores and co-ops groceries.  Please contact us if you're interested in a sample for your shop.

 Grape Jam and Jelly better than grandma used to make - or at least as good!!  I wonder . . . did grandma make grape syrup?


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